Japanphotopics3Jill and myself came to Japan as a young couple, newly married, working with Youth With A Mission. We are no longer youth. Five of our seven children are grown and scatter in many places, building the Kingdom where they live.


We are presently independent, on the missionary list, but we are in reality inter-connected with multiple ministries and churches, across many denominations. We have one goal in mind, carry His presence, build the Kingdom in individuals who continue to build others, till a leadership structure is established throughout the city, ( about 26 million) and a network throughout all of Japan.


We encourage a variety of church styles and traditions. Congregational, house-church and cell group models all work in different locations. I look forward to the day when there is some kind of “church meeting” on every block, just like the convenience stores are everywhere in the city.

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In bloom, new life.
In bloom, new life.