PartnershipLearn His Word, Seek His presence, Live for the Kingdom, Friendship evangelism, Release grace and Prophetic encouragement, Call forth leadership, Disciple, Empower each into their gifting, Encourage church growth, Pioneer new styles, strategies and opportunities, Bring the Kingdom onto the streets and into the market place, Network


Above is a short list of methods we use to build the kingdom of God in Japan and outside Japan.


Our methods and strategies have developed over many years and many attempts and failures, as well as many visions and direction directly from God Himself. One of the most radical shifts in thinking and ministry came as the result of a vision/ word from God. Yes, we do see visions and hear God talk to us from time to time.


I was young, trying to start a church in Northern Kobe with a Japanese pastor friend and I was ambitious for the numbers to increase and create a sense of power as a group. That particular morning things were going badly. Jill was sick. I was feeling unappreciated. But I stopped to read the red letter portions in the book of Mathew . By the 13th Chapter I came to the parables where Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is like….this and that” and I stopped and asked God. “What is this Kingdom you are building?” “I don’t think it is the Kingdom I am building.”


Instantly I saw in my mind the vision of a face and heard a voice count, “One.” Next, another face, and I again heard, “One”…not two. Then another and another and each time the voice said “One”. That seemed strange. But then I heard the question, “Do you understand?” And I answered, “NO”.


Last of all the voice said, “The Kingdom of God is One.” And I understood things I had never seen before. Mainly, that God was not interested in how many people come to our meetings. He cares for each person individually. I have never been the same. I can never see a group of people the same. My work in Japan has never been the same.

Everyone is special.
Everyone is special.