Japan bridge

As I was praying with our leaders in 2008, I saw a huge map of Osaka-Kobe- Kyoto area roll out in front of me. On the map were tiny People, each in their location dressed differently according to their gifts, calling and abilities. I saw men and ladies, young and old, Japanese and foreigners. I knew these were the people God saw as the leaders of His Church in this area. Only some of them were Pastors or Missionaries. Housewives, laborers and students were also leaders in their gift and calling. God was adding to the numbers, but building a true leader with the heart and spirit of God is slow work. I knew that when the number was sufficient, (I saw less than 300) God would call every one in the city to come and be added as they chose to. Leadership must come first.


Reproducing Leadership from w oker on Vimeo.

This vision changed the way I do ministry. Warren